Our patients say some very nice things about us:

Top notch service and staff. I drive by 100s of PT clinics to come here and it’s not because I enjoy 405 traffic.

‐ Braden Phoenix

I have known Cindy Shaw for probably 25 years or more. When I was told I needed immediate back surgery for spinal stenosis and severe disc disease (documented on MRI). She was recommended to me by another PT who I liked a lot, but he said Cindy was the best for my condition, She had me lie down, put her hand under my lower back and in 15 minutes told me what was going on, that the previously prescribed exercises would only make things worse and before I left that first session, I felt 50% better physically and 100% mentally. Since that time I have climbed Mt. Whitney twice, run a fell marathon, trekked in the Himalayas, etc. I see here once every three months for a tune up and also if there is a new problem Hip, neck, etc). I consider her one of the most impressive people I have ever met and am forever grateful for her helping me avoid back surgery that I did not need. Michael Kaplan, MD.

‐ Michael Kaplan

One of the best PT practitioners around! Incredible clinical skills and a great team. Top notch provider in Orange County for nearly 25 years.

‐ Joanette Lima

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. They were able to help me when no one else good. If you are tired of trying to find help, don’t give up. They are different than everything else. Gave me my life back.

‐ Jackie Rogers

This is the best Physical Therapy office in Southern California! All the PT’s here (Cindy, Cynthia, Lisa, Elizabeth and Rona) are excellent! It does not really matter what therapist you get as they are all highly skilled in treating complex orthopedic issues. As a bonus, they are all very nice people as well! I have avoided neck surgery by being treated here. I have been to other PT offices in the past and they do not come close to this office. Cindy Shaw and all of her therapists are second to none!

‐ Allan Greenberg

Excellent physical therapy facility. Friendly and caring staff. Therapists create individualized treatment programs for their patients rather than the “one plan for everyone” approach I’ve experienced from other facilities. Highly recommend Orthopaedic and Spine Ca.

‐ Viki Conde

When my husband was in need to PT, they were quick to help and he received wonderful care! He would choose no other – they are such a special and caring group!

‐ Martie Etheridge

I’ve been going to Cindy and her staff for 9 years and she has resolved issues no one else could. Simply put, they’re the best for anything having to do with not only the spine, but anything connecting to it, which is basically everything. She even fixed my wrist. Cindy is a master healer. If your body needs help, start here.

‐ Ted Reckas

I am an active senior citizen who had an extensive back surgery. In addition to back issues I have torn glutes. Cindy Shaw and her team treated me and thanks to them I have returned to all my previous activities which include 5 days a week at the gym which include a 1 mile swim. I am an avid diver and underwater photographer. After 1 1/2 years I am once again able to dive thanks to the greatest therapy group in Orange County.

‐ Barbara Jones

I went to Orthopedic Spine and Care owned by Cindy Shaw, located at Springdale and Edinger following surgery for a knee replacement and earlier for rehab for a herniated disc. The care is spectacular. Her clinic was recommended to me by Dr Michael Beebe, PT, OCS, spine and orthopedic research located in Arizona. I contacted the best to find the absolute best in my area and was glad I did. I feel strong and fit again thanks to Cindy Shaw’s remarkable care. Thank you, Cindy and staff.

‐ Pat Reed

OThis is the best physical therapy experience i have ever had. So thankful for Cindy’s exceptional ability to know exactly what my body needs and how to fix it. This business is so well run, ie appointments are on time, its clean, professional, and care is well coordinated. I’d give it 10 stars if I could.

‐ Maxine Cohen

I’ve been going to Cindy Shaw and her team there for over 10 years–and I wouldn’t even consider going anywhere else, even though I drive 45 minutes one-way to get to her. She has fixed problems in my neck, shoulders, hands and back that the doctors had no idea how to deal with (other than medicate to death!). In fact, it was a highly respected doctor/surgeon who referred me to Cindy in the first place, saying, “When we don’t know what to do, we send people to Cindy.” She is uniquely gifted.

‐ Judy Starr

I would recommend OSCPT to absolutely anyone. Wether you are in pain, need rehabilitation, or simply need help getting your body to function more efficiently they will be able to help you. I am a fitness professional and working with Cindy Shaw has allowed me to break through limitations I’ve struggled with for years and take my own workouts and movement to another level. The staff is always friendly and helpful, appointments are timely, and without fail I feel better when I leave. It is safe today I would not feel the way I do today without OSCPT.

‐ Devon Janclaes

The best PT experience I’ve had. Lifelong issues are solved by this staff of therapists with advance training.

‐ Terry Davitt Powell

It is tough to deal with chronic pain, but the kindness, expertise, and loving care you give makes it so much easier to work through! You have created an environment of well-being that has no equal.

‐ P.C.

Thank you for healing me but also setting me on an aftercare course for making me stronger than before my accident!

‐ P.R.

All the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put me back together again It took you, your knowledge, skill and intuition. Prior to coming to OSCPT, I had worked with many (medical practitioners) and had many tests done.Other therapists could see the compensatory patterns, but could not change them. I was beginning to give up. My pain has almost gone away now and I believe in a complete recovery. I was afraid I was just going to have to get through life because the pain and dysfunction was too much. Now I actually get to enjoy my life!!! I will be forever grateful for your amazing understanding of the human body and your ability to heal.

‐ N.H.

Thank you all for doing such a great job restoring my back! You are each so gifted with your hands and the way you interact with your patients. My back feels better than it has in years. All of your patients are blessed to know you…especially me! Thank you.

‐ M.G.

Thank you for your gift of healing.

‐ B.T.

Initial anxiety and doubts about physical therapy in general changed to positive feelings of getting well. Everyone from the front office and assistants were helpful and friendly. The therapists were professional and competent, and really know how to listen and care.

‐ I.A.

Thank you for all your smiles, making my day better when I walk through your doors, your hard work, and your great attitudes. You are all wonderful and your thoughtfulness is appreciated.

‐ D.C.

I was referred to OSCPT by three separate sources, specifically Cindy Shaw:

  1. A local trainer who knew of Cindy by word of mouth.
  2. My surgeon from the Cedar Sinai Spine Center
  3. A friend from the state of Washington…yes word does get around when you’re that good!

In early 2013 I had back surgery. I now have 8 screws and 2 rods. Without Cindy’s expert work and guidance, and her great staff helping me do the exercises correctly, it would have been a much different recovery and outcome. Within 6 months, I was cleared for the ski slopes!. Pretty amazing.

Then again in 2016, I needed rotator cuff surgery. Cindy recommended an excellent surgeon. A doctor that she works closely with. The 2 professionals coordinated my PT and all went quite well. Within 3/4 months I had full range of motion back. You can’t ask for better care than that!!

If you are in need of physical therapy….this is definitely the place to go. All of the therapist are top notch!
And her staff attentive and most capable.

‐ Rona S.